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East Peckham Primary School

Building our learning, challenging our thinking, creating our future

Headteacher's Welcome - Ethos, Vision and Values

A welcome from our Headteacher, Mrs Elliott


Welcome to East Peckham Primary School!


We are a small village school with a big sense of community, committed to providing the best quality education for all our pupils. Working in partnership with the dedicated governing body and supportive parents, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We insist on the highest standards, inspiring every learner through high quality, interactive and stimulating contexts. 


To see what a hidden gem we are, come for a visit and I will be able to share with you some of the following amazing opportunities on offer to our children:

  • We have forward thinking staff who are always determined to make the learning experiences the most exciting and interesting for our children. Our curriculum policy is based around making learning as real life as possible and preparing our children for the real world. The teachers start each topic with an engaging 'hook' which our children absolutely love. Whether we have CCTV of Goldilocks running through the school, discovering a rocket has crash landed in the school or having mysterious paintings and items appear in the school overnight. These 'hooks' get the children engaged from the first lesson. 
  • We also have a Forest School which is an opportunity to learn outside and have new experiences. The children make food on a camp fire as well as investigate the nature around them. We run this for every class throughout the year. 
  • Rocksteady Music School come and teach children throughout the school how to be  in a rock band!
  • We also have a nationally recognised Anti-Bullying Award, in recognition of all the work that we do to help children with their friendships and to address unkind behaviour. Year 6 children are trained peer mediators which means that they can help support children fix broken friendships. They are trained by Maidstone Mediation Service.  
  • We are lucky to have our very own heated swimming pool. Yes...that's right - it is heated and feels like a bath! Schools are only required to have swimming lessons for one year group during their time in school, however every class in our school has lessons when the pool is open!
  • We also have a well-used kitchen in school? This kitchen isn't for the staff but for the children. Children are able to learn about kitchen safety as well as make some healthy and tasty treats! 
  • To support with wrap-around care, we have Breakfast Club and Supper Club. This is run by Emma's Kitchen, who provides our school dinners. The menu is available here.
  • We also have our national award winning Podcast run by year 6 children. The whole school contributes to the podcast and the year 6 children cut and edit the material to create an incredible podcast. Check the 'School Radio' link to hear some of them - listen out for some famous names including Michael Ball, Rick Astley, Joe Widdowson and more.


To find out more, please book a visit where either myself or my School Captains, Bobby and Sienna, will happily show you what is on offer. 


We look forward to welcoming you and showing you more.


Kindest regards,


Mrs Kate Elliott


Building our learning, challenging our thinking and creating our future!




At East Peckham we aim to provide a broad based, stimulating and real life creative education for all the children within our care which places importance on the development of the whole child, academically, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. Our learning environment is warm, inspiring and encourages each child to develop to the full extent of their ability. Our staff are enthusiastic, energetic, highly skilled and creative. We create an environment of equal opportunities in work and play, treating all individuals fairly. We value and celebrate diversity and model respect and tolerance in everything we do. We recognise the importance of parents in a child’s education and warmly encourage the partnership between home and school.



Equality, Pride, Success (EPS) 




Please take the time to browse our website and find out more about life here at East Peckham. Please also feel free to contact us to arrange a visit. We are extremely proud of our school and would love for you to come see it.


If you would like a hard copy of any information from our website, please speak to the school office.