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East Peckham Primary School

Challenging our thinking, building our learning, creating our future

Coming to East Peckham Primary School



Our school can be found in the wonderful rural village of East Peckham near Tonbridge.


We have a forward thinking staff who are always determined to make the learning experiences the most exciting and interesting for our children. Our curriculum policy is based around making learning as real life as possible and preparing our children for the real world. 


The teachers start each topic with an engaging 'hook' which our children absolutely love. Whether we have CCTV of Goldilocks running through the school, discovering a rocket has crash landed in the school or searching for Murphy (Mrs Wickens' dog) in the village only to find he had slipped into Alice's Wonderland! 


Murphy is in fact a certified reading dog and there are times when he visits the school to read with different children. This helps to build their confidence in reading and encourages children to practice their reading skills.


Have you heard of Forest School? It is an opportunity to learn outside and have new experiences. The children make food on a camp fire as well as investigate the nature around them. This is currently running in our Reception class and year 1 with plans to expand the provision throughout the school.


Are you interested in learning a musical instrument? We have private music teachers visit us who can teach a range of  instruments. 


Did you know that we have a nationally recognised Anti-Bullying Award? This is in recognition of all the work that we do to help children with their friendships and to address unkind behaviour. Year 6 children are trained peer mediators which means that they can help support children fix broken friendships. They are trained by Maidstone Mediation Service.  Year 6 children are also reading buddies and Reception children buddies. They help our newest children settle into life in school. Mrs Woodhams (Pastoral Support) is also in school to support the wellbeing of families and children. She is here to listen and help in any way she can. We are so lucky to have someone in this role who is available during the week.


We are lucky to have our very own heated swimming pool. Yes...that's right - it is heated and feels like a bath! Schools are only required to have swimming lessons for one year group during their time in school, however every class in our school has lessons whilst the pool is open!


Did you also know that we have a kitchen in school? This kitchen isn't for the staff but for the children. Children are able to learn about kitchen safety as well as make some healthy and tasty treats! 


Are you interested in wrap around care? We have Mrs B's, an external company, who run a breakfast club and after school club on site!


In our opinion our school is the place to be! If you would like to visit to find out more about us, please make an appointment with the school office. We can't wait to meet you!