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Anti-Bullying and online safety information

We have won the Project Salus Anti-bullying Award!


Our school has received an award for the work that we do for Anti-Bullying. The award is nationally recognised and was given to us by Project Salus.


The company said that the work we do for children's wellbeing was exemplary and they are even using our ideas to help other schools!

Is it bullying, disagreement, falling out, conflict or unkind behaviour?

Unfortunately children can do and say unkind things. It is part of developing relationships and learning about social interactions. Alongside parents, we want to support children to develop friendships and learn about how to be a good friend.

When a child says that they are being bullied or they are feeling unhappy, it is important to find out if it is bullying, a disagreement, a falling out, conflict or unkind behaviour. All of this behaviour needs to be dealt with so we work with parents to make sure all the children at East Peckham Primary School feel safe and valued.


Here are some questions to ask your child to help establish what behaviour they are experiencing. You don't need to ask all of these questions (as lots of questions can be overwhelming for some children) but they might help you to find out how they are feeling:


  • When did this all start?
  • How long has this been going on?
  • What was your role in what happened?
  • What have you been told and by whom? (Sometimes name calling etc can start from rumours, this is important to discover)
  • Who was present?
  • What did you do? What was your response?
  • What actions did you take?


If you are concerned about your child, please do speak to us. We will do all we can to ensure that every child is happy and feels safe in school.


Please see the link below for our anti-bullying policy.

Online Safety Information

Please follow this link for more information on online safety

Robins' e-safety song